Time My Drive

Teen and Student Driver Log and Stopwatch


TimeMyDrive is a premium tool designed to help student drivers keep track of their time on the road. In many regions you must fulfill time requirements of supervised driving practice to obtain your driver’s license. With this app you can effortlessly record and manage your progress. Log your driving time with a single tap. Review and edit your entries in the log.


  1. Track the duration of a drive with the stopwatch

  2. View a map of your completed drive based on GPS tracking

  3. Set goals for day and night driving

  4. Keep notes to detail each drive

  5. Add, delete, and edit individual records

  6. Email or print your records as a PDF

Close the app or sleep your device without the timer stopping, and if you forget to log a drive in real-time, you can add it later. On each record you can edit the date, time, duration, day or night classification, and notes. The map of your route includes the distance traveled. Export options make it easy to send the log to your instructor or transfer it to a state form. All in all, it’s everything you need to keep an account of your driving time.

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. The GPS feature of this app can be disabled.